Yardi eLearning Launches Virtual Reality Training Content

Templates Make Custom Courses a Snap!

Templates Make Custom Courses a Snap! When creating custom courses, it can be daunting to create new pages from scratch without an existing layout to work with. The new eLearning Template tool is here to help! Templates allow you to copy content directly from one page to another—even updating automatically when the source page is […]

Supplement Yardi Training with Free Webinars

Supplement Yardi Training with Free Webinars In 2017, clients imported over 5,500 Yardi-taught webinars using Yardi Webinar subscription feeds. Each webinar is taught by an expert Yardi instructor and is available free for your learners. To get started with Yardi Webinars, visit University Settings > Integrations > Yardi Webinars to subscribe to relevant feeds. Then, […]

Now Live: New and Updated Courses

New and Updated eLearning Courses Visit Client Central to see our entire catalog and create a case to let us know which courses you’d like added to your university. The eLearning content development team continues to release courses in rapid fashion. Over the last few months, we’ve worked on major course revisions as well as […]