Don’t settle for one class over another at YASC

With so many different courses being offered during the two-and-a-half-day conference, scheduling conflicts may occur when two classes are presented at the same time. Previously when this happened, you had prioritize which class(es) to attend and which to pass. We now have a solution for you! We’ve posted the top five most popular YASC classes […]

Yardi Job Cost

With the upcoming addition of Construction Manager (part of Yardi Elevate), there has been some confusion between it and the long-standing Yardi Construction Management module. Because these are two different products that are licensed separately, the decision has been made to rename Yardi Construction Management to “Yardi Job Cost”. The name, Job Cost, is really […]


The P2PHub plugin gives access to two menus – P2PFinance Manager and P2PAdmin – providing access to a multitude of different training pages, advanced AP analytics and step by step video tutorials. Features of P2PHub are listed below. The P2P Video Library This library provides highly informative videos on common P2P processes enabling your staff […]