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Energy Automation

Enhance building performance with fault detection and diagnostics, HVAC optimization and equipment scheduling

Gain better control over your energy spend with smart building solutions designed to maximize energy savings while maintaining tenant comfort. Avoid performance degradation, excessive energy usage or long-term system maintenance issues. Manage scheduling and comfort across your entire portfolio remotely in one easy-to-use interface.

Air Cooled Water chiller with piping

Automated HVAC Optimization

Automate HVAC optimization in larger commercial buildings and campuses. Our platform continuously monitors and automatically adjusts key setpoints in your BMS/BAS systems to maximize energy savings while maintaining tenant comfort. Powerful optimum start and coast down features allow you to make the most of your schedule. Our system works in conjunction with your existing HVAC equipment and does not supplant your investments or your dedicated staff.


Smart Thermostats

Reduce energy waste, identify HVAC issues, and ensure a comfortable customer experience across large portfolios of smaller buildings without traditional BMS/BAS systems. Receive alerts and alarms, review temperature data and thermostat settings, control and schedule lighting and HVAC systems, and diagnose and troubleshoot pending issues with building systems.


Energy Procurement

Our team works to procure the most reliable competitive supply contracts in states where electricity deregulation is in place and in all markets for gas and fuel oil. We can negotiate contracts for renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets from a variety of sources including wind, solar, hydro and biomass sources. Yardi analyzes occupancy levels, efficiency projects and other factors to develop a unique pricing strategy for you.

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